FreshInsight Consulting Group

The Experience

If you want to ensure the maximum utilization of the power of AccountEdge software, Dick Hope & Associates can help you get up and running. If you are already using AccountEdge software, we can review your implementation to ensure that you are getting all that it has to offer. We will customize the software to fit your needs: nothing more, nothing less.

Properly implemented, AccountEdge software can help you to make better business decisions, which minimize risk and maximize profit, without becoming a slave to your books.

At Dick Hope & Associates we are committed to our client’s success. Our goal is to give you the independent power of AccountEdge software in the most time- and cost-efficient manner possible. When you no longer need our support, we have succeeded.

Our group of AccountEdge Certified Consultants have over 60 years of combined business experience, 25 of which have been spent exclusively on AccountEdge software. We have been actively involved in the design and beta testing of the products, providing input whenever we saw an opportunity to meet your needs better . . . and they do listen!

We support a wide range of businesses, from home-based to large multi-national operations. We are specialists in the entire feature set of AccountEdge software, and proudly support both WindowsMicrosoft Windows and MacintoshApple Mac users.

We try to think “outside the box” to find solutions that fit your business needs.

Dick Hope & Associates was recognized ‘MYOB Partner of the Year 2000’. In 2006, DH&A received the first ‘MYOB Lifetime Achievement Award’ for our valuable contribution in supporting the AccountEdge community.